The Puerto Rican Association of Washington State (PRAWS), a non-profit organization serving the interest of Puerto Ricans in education, established its scholarship program with the goal of promoting educational opportunities for Puerto Rican youth or those of Puerto Rican descent in the State of Washington. Each year the Scholarship Committee will select deserving high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students to receive The PRAWS Scholarship. Selection will be based on the following criteria: Have at least 2.00 Grade Point Average (GPA) out of a 4.00 scale. Submit a completed PRAWS Scholarship application package. (Incomplete applications will not be considered). The application package includes: PRAWS Scholarship Application. ESSAYS (2) typed – minimum 500 words and no more than 1,000 words. Please introduce yourself to your college roommate (include your future aspirations). What education means to you and why is it important. Submit two letters of recommendation from: A teacher or Employer (employer, for graduate students); Qualified persons familiar with your Academic record, character, and abilities; such as a teacher, principal, counselor, and employer; AND Submit a copy of recent official High School or College transcripts. Each year, scholarships will be awarded depending on the availability of funds. Applications must be mailed to the PRAWS Scholarship Committee, PO BOX 98255, Lakewood WA 98426, post marked by June 30, 2018. No application will be accepted after the due date, and no exceptions will be made. The Scholarship Committee will make the selection based on a point scoring system. Scholarship recipients, once selected, will be notified of their award no later than the first week of August. All scholarship funds will be paid directly to the post-high school institution the recipient will attend in the Fall. If applicants have any questions or need any assistance in completing the application, please contact: Scholarship Committee at: The address below

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Please print, fill it out, then mail it to the address below

Last Name: ____________ First Name: ________________ MI: ________ Gender: Male____ Female____

Date of Birth: ____/____/____ Place of Birth: ___________________________________________________

Home Address: _______________________________________________

City: ________________________________________State: _____ Zip Code: ______________

Home Phone: _____________ Work Phone: _____________

Father’s Name: ________________________________

Place of Birth: _______________________________

Mother’s Name: ________________________________

Place of Birth: _______________________________

Name of School/College attending/or graduated: __________________________________

Name of Institution you plan to attend: __________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________ Current academic level: Freshman: ____ Sophomore: ___ Junior: _ Senior: ______

Graduate School: ______ Other: ______

Major: _______________ Minor: ___________________

Anticipated Graduation Date from Current School: ___________

Academic Activities, Non-academic Activities, Awards

Please describe your academic and non-academic activities, internships and any awards received. Academic activities include such things as membership in honor society, MESA, peer tutoring, etc. Non-academic activities include participation in school sports, clubs, music, jobs and volunteer experience. Indicate leadership activities such as being an officer in a school club or serving as an ASB officer or representative. Finally, indicate any academic and non-academic awards you received. If necessary, add an additional page to list additional activities and/or awards.


__________________ _______________ _________________ ________________ __________________ _______________ _________________ ________________ __________________ _______________ _________________ ________________

Signature of Applicant: __________________________________________ Date: __________________

If under 18 yrs. of age, please have a parent sign this application

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________ Relationship: _____________

Phone: ________________________ Date: _____________

Name of PRAWS Association Member: ______________________ Relationship: _________________

DUE DATE: June 29, 2019

TO:PRAWS Scholarship Committee
1401 100Th St.
S. Tacoma, WA 98444